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Laboratories For Mass Production


Ladybird Beetles (general)

Lagenidium giganteum Couch

Lágrimas en artefactos precolombinos

Lambornella clarki Corliss & Coats

Lampyridae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>


Langenbruch, A.

Languages & Human Migrations

Lantana, Lantana camara L.

Lantana camara L.

Larch Casebearer, Coleophora laricella Hübner

Larch Casebearer  (biocontrol)

Larch Sawfly, Pristiphora erichsonii (Hartig)

Larch Sawfly (forestry)

Larrinae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Larval Anatomy

Larval Competition & Progeny Number

Larval Competition & Sex Ratio

Larval Feeding

Larval Respiration

Latex Products

Lathridiidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Latrodectus mactans (Fab.)

Latvia (Pictures)

Leaf and Stem Diseases (induced resistance)

Leaf Diseases (Antagonists)

Leaf Diseases (Conservation)

Leaf Diseases (parasitism)

Leafminer Biocontrol in Glasshouses (ornamentals)

Leafminer Biocontrol in Glasshouses (vegetable crops)


Lebbeck Mealybug, Nipaecoccus viridis (Maskell)

Lecanium corni (Bouche)

Leeuwenhoek, Antoni van

Legner, E. Fred (Publications)

Legner, E. F. (Publications Index)

Legner, E. F. (Research Areas)

Legumes & Nuts & Seeds

Lenteren, Joop C. van

L'Organisation Internationale de Lutte Biologique.

Lepidoptera (Biocontrol in Grapes)

Lepidoptera (General)


LEPIDOPTERA (predators/parasites) <General Characteristics>

Lepidoptera Biocontrol on Ornamentals in Glasshouses

Lepidoptera Biocontrol on Vegetables in Glasshouses

Lepidosaphes beckii (Newman)

Lepidosaphes newsteadi (Sulc.)

Leptinidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Leptoconops spp.

Leptofoeninae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Leucospidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Levuana irridescens Bethune-Baker

Liberation Procedure During Colonization

Life Table Data Analysis


Life Tables and Evaluation of Natural Enemies

Life Tables & Evaluation (Introduction)

Life Tables (Augmentation)

Life Tables (Definitions & Data Collection)

Life Tables (Kinds of Data)

Life Tables (Misc. Applications)

Life Tables (Use For Biological Control Systems)

Lighting (quarantine)

Limitation of Animal Density

Limiting Factor

Limnobiidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>


Liopteridae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Lister, Martin

Location of Host

Lonchaeidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Long-day forms

Longevity (affected by ovisorption)

Long-tailed Mealybug, Pseudococcus longispinus

Louisiana (Pictures)

Louriciinae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Low Temperature & Sex Ratio

Luck, Robert F.

Lycaenidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Lycidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Lygaeidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>>

Lygus Bug Biocontrol in Glasshouses

Lymantria dispar (L.)