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Immature Stages of Scoliidae


Immature stages of Scoliidae were discussed in detail by Clausen (1940), as follows:


The eggs of the different species of Scoliidae range in length from ca. 2.0 mm. to the 4.0 mm. of the enormous Scolia oryctophaga Coq. of Madagascar.  They are ca. 1/4th as wide as long, with the anterior end slightly the wider; both poles are smoothly rounded, the ventral side is almost straight , and the dorsum is slightly convex.  The chorion is not ornamented, thin, and transparent (Clausen 1940).


There is little detailed information on the characters of the larvae.  There are 4 larval instars, which do not differ in general appearance, although in the instars following the 1st the anterior segments of the body are long and narrowed.  There are no visible integumentary spines or setae.  The mandibles of the 1st instar are simple, and those of the following instars are tridentated.  The mature larva has 10 pairs of spiracles, located on the last two thoracic and the first eight abdominal segments (Clausen 1940).


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