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Immature Stages of Mycetophilidae


Detailed information on immature stages of Mycetophilidae is being acquired.  However, Mansbridge (1933) noted the larval habits of several species of Ceroplatinae and Macrocerinae.  The observations on the predaceous habit of Platyura and related species is confirmed by the shape of the mandibles, the exceptional mobility of the larvae, their solitary habit, and the fact that the web fluid kills other insects.  Studies on active larvae in the webs show that they respond quickly to any movement in the web and will attack anything alive and moving.  Periodically they eject a clear liquid from the mouth on the prey, and they may also extend the web over it.  The naked pupa is formed in the larval web.  The duration of the larval stage is not known, but the pupal stage of Platyura sp. requires 6-10 days.



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