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Immature Stages of Methocidae


Detailed information on immature stages of Methocidae is being acquired.  However, Clausen (1940) noted that the egg of Methoca is 1.0 mm. long, cylindrical, slightly curved, and narrower at the posterior end.  After hatching the young larva feeds first through a minute puncture in the skin, and later the head and a portion of the thorax are buried in the wound.  Feeding covers a period of only 5-6 days, and owing to the great size of its host, the larvae of Cicindelidae, the body contents may not be entirely consumed.  The cocoon, which consists of a compact inner layer and a light outer envelope, tapers posteriorly and at the anterior end the outer covering has a wide flaring mouth.  The inner cocoon has a constriction at the base of the collar, which is united with the mouth.  The host remains may often be found within this area.



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