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Immature Stages of Dolichopodidae


          Detailed information on immature stages of Dolichopodidae is being acquired.  However, Clausen (1940) commented on detailed information on the predaceous habits of the larvae of the genus Medetera.  A short account of the habits of M. signaticornis Lw., predaceous on larvae and adults of Scolytidae, was given by Hubault (1925).  A more detailed study of M. aldrichii Wh. Was presented by De Leon (1935a).  The latter is an important natural enemy of the mountain pine beetle, Dendroctonus monticolae Hopk. in western North America.  The eggs are laid beneath bark scales or in crevices, and the young larvae work their way into the inner bark in search of the immature stages of this host.  They also feed on dead larvae and other insects that occur in the burrows.  Pupation occurs in a cell in the bark, which is lined with a silky material.


          The larvae of several species are aquatic and feed on a variety of aquatic animals.  Some are found in moist sand or soil.


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