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Immature Stages of Blastobasidae


          Detailed information on immature stages of Blastobasidae is being acquired.  However, Glover (1933) observed the eggs of Holcoera pulverea Meyr. to be laid singly on either adult female scales, empty male cocoons or twigs having a heavy growth of sooty-mold fungus.  The young larvae feed on the body contents of the scale as well as on the waxy covering.  A maximum of 45 adult female scales may be killed, and the wax covering partly destroyed by each larva during its feeding period.  There are 5 generations each year, and the winter is passed mostly as eggs.  These eggs appear to be very susceptible to changes in the weather, for there is a high winter mortality and the great majority of those laid during June are killed by high temperatures.


          The larvae of Holcocera persicae F. Have developed the habit of feeding on citrus fruit in California (Basinger 1924).  They make holes or channels into oranges that are similar to those made by Tortrix citrana Fern. 


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