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HYMENOPTERA, Tetracampidae (Chalcidoidea) --  <Images> & <Juveniles>


          This is a small family of parasitic wasps. They are parasitoids of phytophagous insects, primarily Diptera. There are ca. 46 species in 16 genera, and they are rare absent in the Americas.


          The biology of most species of Tetracampidae are little studied. Most of those whose hosts are known are associated with insects that mine in plants (Boucek & Askew, 1968). European species of one genus, Dipriocampe, are endoparasitoids of the eggs of diprionid sawflies (Niklas, 1956), and the British species of Foersterella are endoparasitoids of the eggs of Cassida spp. (Coleoptera, Cassididae) (Boucek & Askew, 1968).  One species, Dipriocampe diprioni was introduced into Canada from Europe for the biological control of diprionid pests but did not become established.


          There are many fossil taxa but their relationships to other chalcidoid families is obscure.


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