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HYMENOPTERA, Sclerogibbidae (Chrysidoidea) (formally Bethyloidea) --  <Images> & <Juveniles>



          These wasps are distributed worldwide in warmer climates.  There ae 14 African species in 3 genera.  They are ectoparasitoids of Embioptera nymphs.  Pupations is in the host web.  They are solitary or gregarious ectoparasitoids of Embioptera (webspinners). The larvae stay attached to the metasomal intersegmental membranes of nymphal webspinners and pupate in the tunnels of their host.  Biological information is scarce.


          Females are apterous while males are fully winged. They vary in length from 2.2 - 6.5 mm, and are distinguished by the antennae inserted just below a protruding shelf on the face; the antennae have 20 or more segments.  The head

Is triangular in lateral view and the front femur is swollen.  Females have an hourglass-shaped mesosoma, while the fore wing of males lacks a pterostigma and distal venation.  The hind wing has no closed cells but a large basal lobe.


          This small, very rarely collected family is known from a single genus, Probethylus , and only six species from Australia.  It is not been found in New Zealand.

          Key references are Finnamore & Brothers 1993 and Gauld & Hanson 1995.


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