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DIPTERA, Scatophagidae (Cordyluridae) --   <Images> & <Juveniles>


          Adult scatophagids are known as "dung flies," and some researchers include them with Muscidae.  Adults may be found in pastures and meadows, swarming over fresh bovine dung.  There are also scavenger species along coastal areas and arctic and boreal types (Cole 1969).  Adults of some species are predaceous on smaller Diptera, especially of families Bibionidae, Simuliidae, Anthomyiidae and Mycetophilidae.  Scatophaga stercoraria L. has been observed to suck the body fluids of its prey through a puncture made in the neck.  A few species attack Cicadellidae, and others are thought to be parasitic in caterpillars, although the latter records are in doubt (Clausen 1940/62).



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