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HYMENOPTERA, Plumariidae (Chrysidoidea) (formerly Bethyloidea) --  <Images> & <Juveniles>


Description & Statistics


In this family the antennae generally have 11 segments each with long setae (Finnamore & Brothers 1993).  The pronotum is without an anterior protrusion, so that the propleuron is partly exposed.  Sexual dimorphism is pronounced.  The male is macropterous, the flagellar segments have numerous setae and the pronotum is vertical.  Females are wingless, their head prognathous, flagellar segments have some scattered setae, the pronotum is horizontal and the mesothorax is separated from the metathorax by a deep ventro-lateral restriction.


          These wasps are distributed arid and semi-arid areas of western South America and southern Africa.  There are ca. 21 species in 4 genera.  Adults are black or brown.  Females may be found under rocks or in traps, but the common males are nocturnal and attracted to light.  There is little biological data.


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