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HEMIPTERA, Naucoridae --  <Images> & <Juveniles>


          This is a small family of insects species of which are the  creeping water bugs.  Originally this family was placed in the Naucoroidea with the Aphelocheiridae and Potamocoridae.They are similar in appearance and behavior to the Belostomatidae, as they also occur in ponds and other quiet waters. Sometimes, these insects also occur  found in damp places in dwellings, and are frequently believed to be cockroaches. There are about 22 genera in 5 subfamilies, with worldwide distribution.


          Their body shape that makes them look like smaller Belostomatidae . They have raptorial forelegs for catching and holding their prey. Their small antennae located under the eye are often difficult to discern.  Similar to the giant water

Bugs they have a cylindrical beak of 3 or 4 segments.

          The genus Ambrysus is very common in western North America, occurring in still waters, or clear streams and ponds.


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