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HYMENOPTERA, Eulophidae (Forster 1856) - (Chalcidoidea) --  <Images> & <Juveniles>



          Eulophidae. -- This is a large group with more than 125 North American species known.  They are small insects averaging 1.2-4 mm long.  They parasitize a variety of hosts that includes some major pests of agricultural crops.  The 4-segmented tarsi and the axillae, which extends forward beyond the tegulae, distinguishes them  Many species are brightly colored and the males of some have pectinate antennae.


          Some species are hyperparasitoids, and there are some bizarre phenomena regarding hyperparasitism and sex in the eulophids that attack scale insects.  In the genus Coccophagus, the females develop as parasitoids of scale insects, while the males develop as hyperparasitoids attacking parasitoids of scale insects, which may even be females of their own species.



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