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HYMENOPTERA, Eucharitidae (Walker 1846) = Eucharidae (Chalcidoidea)  <Images> & <Juveniles>


          Eucharitidae. -- (= Eucharidae) -- These are distinctive in their appearance and habits. They are medium-sized, black or metallic blue or green in color, with the abdomen petiolate and the scutellum sometimes spined.  The thorax appears humpbacked. They are parasitoids of the pupae of ants.  The eggs are laid in large numbers on the leaves or buds and hatch into tiny flattened larvae called planidia. These planidia lie in wait on vegetation or on the ground and attach to passing ants, which carry them to the ant nests. Once in the nest, the planidia leave the worker ant that and attach to ant larvae; they do little or no feeding on the larvae of the ant, but feed after the larva has pupated.



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