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          This group includes mostly small or tiny insects with a reduced wing venation . Most species are black, and the abdomen is usually shiny and compressed.  Included are 5 modern families and three extinct families. Species are often phytophagous, especially as gall-formers, but there are many parasitoids or hyperparasitoids. They are glossy, dark, smooth wasps with compressed bodies and reduced wing venation.  Metasomal segments may be fused in different ways, which is diagnostic for families or subfamilies.   The petiole is very short, when present.The antennae are filiform, the pronotum extends back to the tegulae, and the ovipositor issues from anterior to the apex of the abdomen.


          Except for the Cynipidae or "gall wasps" it is a little-studied group as a whole, though there are ca. 3,050 identified species.  Many of the Figitidae remain undescribed. Each of the constituent families differs in biology, with the Liopteridae being least studied.


         The superfamily is known principally through its predominantly phytophagous habit, which is very evident because of the formation of galls of great variety in size and form on the foliage and stems of many plants.  These numerous species comprise the family Cynipidae.  Parasitic representatives are found in the Figitidae and Ibaliidae.  Clausen (1940) separated figitids from the superfamily Charipinae, which are hyperparasitoids of Aphididae through Aphidius and other Aphidiinae.  He also noted that Charipinae and Eucoilinae were often given family rank.


          All parasitic members of Cynipoidea develop internally in the immature stages of their hosts.  The Ibaliidae are parasitic in the larvae of wood wasps of the genus Sirex, and the Figitidae in larvae of Diptera.




 Cynipidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

     (Charipinae) <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

     (Cynipinae) <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

     (Eucoilinae) <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

  Figitidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

  Ibaliidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

  Liopteridae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>



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