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HYMENOPTERA, Ceraphronidae (Ceraphronoidea) --  <Images> & <Juveniles>


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          Ceraphronidae --. This is a group of wasps whose members have been reared from a variety of hosts. Some ceraphronids are hyperparasitic, attacking the braconid or chalcid parasitoids of aphids or scale insects. Wingless forms in this group often inhabit soil and leaf litter.  There are 14 genera and about 363 known species, though a great many species are still undescribed. It is not a well known group as a whole, though most are believed to be parasitoids (particularly of flies), and a few hyperparasitoids. Many are found in the soil, and of these, a number are wingless.


          The family is distinguished from the closely-related Megaspilidae by having a very small stigma in the wing, a very broad metasomal petiole, and a single median groove in the mesoscutum.


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