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HYMENOPTERA, Aphidiinae: Braconidae (Ichneumonoidea) --  <Images> & <Juveniles>




Description & Statistics


          The Aphidiinae are a subfamily of parasitic wasps that have aphids as their hosts. The larva of Praon sp. exits from the hollowed shell of the aphid to pupate in a cocoon, but most Aphidiinae pupate inside the dead aphid.  Some species have been deployed for biological control  of aphids 


          Although they have been considered as a separate family, the Aphidiinae, they are now grouped with the Braconidae.  Their relationship to other braconid subfamilies is not presently known.


        Aphidiinae is a cosmopolitan subfamily with about 40 genera and 808 species known as of 2010.  Diagnostic characters are their filiform antennae that is rarely moniliform; a transverse clypeus with long setae; the gaster is rounded lanceolate and the terga 2 & 3 not fused.  There is one recurrent vein in the forewing.  Females are mostly lighter in color than males.  Aphidiinae are primary, solitary endoparasitoids of aphids.  Adults oviposit in aphid nymphs where the parasitoids develop, pupating inside the aphid mummy or beneath it.  Aphidiids have been deployed in biological pest control.


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