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                                                 (2017 Alternative Version for Some Groups)


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Kingdom:  Fungi

  Division:  Eumycota (septate fungi)

      Class:  Euascomycetes

        Subclass:  Leotiomycetidae

          Order:  Helotiales

            Family:  Bulgariaceae

            Family:  Cyttariaceae

            Family:  Leotiaceae

            Family:  Geoglossaceae

            Family:  Helotiaceae

            Family:  Vibrisseaceae


        Subclass:  Pezizomycetidae

          Order:  Pezizales

            Family:  Discinaceae

            Family:  Morchellaceae

            Family:  Pezizaceae

            Family:  Pyronemataceae

            Family:  Sarcoscyphaceae

            Family:  Sarcosomataceae


        Subclass:  Pyrenomycetidae

          Order:  Xylariales

            Family:  Xylariacea


          Order:  Hypocreales

            Family:  Hypocreaceae

            Family:  Clavicipitaceae


          Order:  Sordariales

            Family:  Lasiosphaeriaceae


          Order:  Eurotiales

            Family:  Trichocomaceae


    Subdivision:  Basidiomycotina

      Class:  Hymenomycetes

        Subclass:  Holobasidiomycetidae

                                (common mushrooms)

          Order:  Agaricales

            Family:  Agaricaceae

            Family:  Bolbitiaceae

            Family:  Clavariaceae

            Family:  Coprinaceae

            Family:  Cortinariaceae

            Family:  Entolomataceae

            Family:  Hydnangiaceae

            Family:  Lycoperdaceae

            Family:  Marasmiaceae

            Family:  Nidulariaceae

            Family:  Pleurotaceae

            Family:  Pluteaceae

            Family:  Pterulaceae

            Family:  Schizophyllaceae

            Family:  Strophariaceae

            Family:  Tricholomataceae


          Order:  Boletales

            Family:  Boletaceae

            Family:  Boletinellaceae

            Family:  Coniophoraceae

            Family:  Calostomataceae

            Family:  Gyrodontaceae

            Family:  Hygrophoropsidaceae

            Family:  Paxillaceae

            Family:  Rhizopogonaceae

            Family:  Sclerodermataceae

            Family:  Suillaceae


Subclass:  Holobasidiomycetidae (Continued)


          Order:   Cantharellales

            Family:  Cantharellaceae

            Family:  Clavulinaceae

            Family:  Hydnaceae


          Order:   Dacrymycetales

            Family:  Dacrymycetaceae


          Order:  Gomphales

            Family:  Gomphaceae

            Family:  Hysterangiaceae

            Family:  Phallaceae

            Family:  Ramariaceae

            Family:  Sphaerobolaceae


          Order:  Hymenochaetales

            Family:  Hymenochaetaceae


          Order:  Polyporales

            Family:  Atheliaceae

            Family:  Ganodermataceae

            Family:  Gloeophyllaceae

            Family:  Hapalopilaceae

            Family:  Meripilaceae

            Family:  Meruliaceae

            Family:  Podoscyphaceae

            Family:  Polyporaceae

            Family:  Steccherinaceae


          Order:  Russulales

            Family:  Auriscalpiaceae

            Family:  Corticiaceae

            Family:  Hericiaceae

            Family:  Meruliaceae

            Family:  Rusulaceae

            Family:  Stereaceae


          Order:  Thelephorales

            Family:  Bankeraceae

            Family:  Thelephoraceae


        Subclass:  Phragmobasiciomycetidae

          Order:  Auriculariales

            Family Auriculariaceae


          Order:  Tremellales

            Family:  Exidiaceae

            Family:  Tremellaceae

            Family:  Tremellodendropsidaceae