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--Representative Families and Genera (1960-2017 Version)1



          The following table represents the classification of areas treated here in the Schizomycophyta, Amoebozoa and Eumycophyta.  Only principal families are noted.  The arrangement is that which prevailed from the latter third of the 20th Century until the present.  The previous names of groups are included in parentheses, and further changes are expected as more biological and biochemical data are forthcoming.  Emphasis has been placed on morphological characteristics, and comments and suggestions from specialists are gratefully welcomed.


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KINGDOM:  Schizomycophyta (The Bacteria)


  Class:  Actinobacteria  (Schizomycetes)


       Order:  Eubacteriales


            Suborder:  Eubacteriineae

            Suborder:  Caulobacteriineae

            Suborder:  Rhodobacteriineae


        Order:  Chlamydobacteriales

        Order:  Spirochaetales

        Order:  Actinomycetales


                Family:  Mycobacteriaceae

                Family:  Actinomycetaceae


                  Genus:  Actinomyces

                  Genus:  Actinomyces

                  Genus:  Nocardia


                Family:  Streptomycetaceae


                  Genus:  Actinoplanes

                  Genus:  Streptomyces


                  Genus:  Micromonospora


KINGDOM:  Amoebozoa (Myxomycophyta)

                            -- Slime Molds


  Phylum:  Mycetozoa


    Class:  Myxogastria:  (Myxomycetae;



      Sub-Class:  Endosporeae (Myxogastres)


                  Genus:  Arcyria

                  Genus:  Hemitrichia

                  Genus:  Lycogala

                  Genus:  Physarum polycephalum

                  Genus:  Stemonitis


    Sub-Class:  Exosporeae


                  Genus:  Ceratiomyxa


  Class:  Acrasieae


                Order:  Acrasiales


                  Genus:  Dictyostelium

                  Genus:  Pllysphondylium


  Class:  Plasmodiophoreae (Phytomyxineae)


              Order:  Plasmodiophorales


                  Genus:  Octomyxa

                  Genus:  Plasmodiophora

                  Genus:  Spongospora

                  Genus:  Sorosphaera

                  Genus:  Tetramyxa


KINGDOM:  Eumycophyta (True Fungi)


  Class:  Zygomycota (Phycomycetes) -- zygote



    Sub-Class:  Monoflagellatae (Uniflagellatae)


              Order:  Chytridiales


                  Genus:  Entophlyctis

                  Genus:  Olpidium

                  Genus:  Physoderma

                  Genus:  Podochytrium

                  Genus:  Rhizophidium

                  Genus:  Snychytrium

                  Genus:  Urophlyctis


              Order:  Blastocladiales


                  Genus:  Allomyces

                  Genus:  Blastocladia


              Order:  Monoblepharidales


                  Genus:  Monoblapharella

                  Genus:  Monoblepharis


    Sub-Class:  Biflagellatae


              Order:  Lagenidiales


                 Family:  Lagenidiaceae


                  Genus:  Lagenidium

                  Genus:  Myzocytium


                 Family:  Olpidiopsidaceae


                  Genus:  Olpidiopsis


              Order:  Saprolegniales


                 Family:  Saprolegniaceae


                  Genus:  Achlya

                  Genus:  Aphanomyces

                  Genus:  Aplanes

                  Genus:  Dictyuchus

                  Genus:  Gedegnia

                  Genus:  Geolegnia

                  Genus:  Isoachlya

                  Genus:  Saprolegnia

                  Genus:  Thraustotheca


              Order:  Leptomitales


                  Genus:  Leptomitus

                  Genus:  Rhipidium

                  Genus:  Sapromyces


              Order:  Peronosporales


                 Family:  Pythiaceae


                    Genus:  Phytophthora

                    Genus:  Pythium


                 Family:  Albuginaceae


                    Genus:  Albugo


                 Family:  Peronosporaceae


                    Genus:  Basidiophora

                    Genus:  Bremia

                    Genus:  Peronospora

                    Genus:  Plasmopara


    Sub-Class:  Aflagellatae (Aplanatae;



              Order:  Mucorales


                Family:  Mucoraceae


                  Genus:  Rhizopus

                  Genus:  Absidia

                  Genus:  Circinella

                  Genus:  Mucor

                  Genus:  Syzgites (Sporodinia)

                  Genus:  Phycomyces

                  Genus:  Sporodinia


                Family:  Pilobolaceae


                  Genus:  Pilobolus


                Family:  Piptocephalodaceae


                  Genus:  Syncephalis

                  Genus:  Piptocephalis


                Family:  Thaminidiaceae


                  Genus:  Thamnidium


                Family:  Cunninghamellaceae


                  Genus:  Cunninghamella


              Order:  Entomophthorales


                  Genus:  Ancylistres

                  Genus:  Basidiobolus

                  Genus:  Completoria

                  Genus:  Conidiobolus

                  Genus:  Entomophthora

                  Genus:  Massospora


              Order:  Zoopagales


[Division:  Eumycophyta, Cont’d]


  Class:  Ascomycota (Ascomycetes,

              Ascomycotina) --sac fungi


    Sub-Class:  Hemiascomycetes



              Order:  Endomycetales


                 Family:  Ascoidaceae


                   Genus:  Ascoidea

                   Genus:  Dipodascus


                 Family:  Endomycetaceae


                   Genus:  Endomyces

                   Genus:  Endomycopsis

                   Genus:  Eremascus

                   Genus:  Hanseniaspora

                   Genus:  Pichia

                   Genus:  Saccharomyces

                   Genus:  Schizosaccharomyces





                 Family:  Spermophthoraceae


                   Genus:  Ashbya

                   Genus:  Eremothecium

                   Genus:  Nematospora

                   Genus:  Spermophthora


              Order:  Taphrinales


                Family:  Taphrinaceae


                    Genus:  Taphrina


                Family:  Protomycetaceae (?)


                    Genus:  Protomyces


   Sub-Class:  Euascomycetes; Series:



           Order:  Plectascales (Eurotiales;



                Family:  Gymnoascaceae

                    Genus:  Arachniotus

                    Genus:  Byssochlamya

                    Genus:  Gymnoascus


                Family:  Aspergillaceae (Eurotiaceae)


                    Genus: Aspergillus (Eurotium,

                                      Sartorya, Emericella)

                    Genus:  Monascus

                    Genus:  Penicillium

                    Genus:  Thielavia


                Family:  Elaphomycetaceae (?)


                    Genus:  Elaphomyces


              Order:  Myriangiales


                    Genus:  Elsinoe

                    Genus:  Myriangium


              Order:  Erysiphales


                Family:  Erysiphaceae

                    Genus:  Erysiphe

                    Genus:  Microsphaera

                    Genus:  Phyllactinia

                    Genus:  Podosphaera

                    Genus:  Spaerotheca

                    Genus:  Uncinula


                Family:  Meliclaceae (?)


                    Genus:  Meliola


                Family:  Capnodiaceae (?)


                    Genus:  Capnodium


    Sub-Class:  Euascomycetes; Series: 



              Order:  Hypocreales


                Family:  Nectriaceae


                  Genus:  Nectria


                 Family:  Hypocreaceae


                Family:  Clavicipitaceae


                  Genus:  Claviceps

                  Genus:  Cordyceps

                  Genus:  Epichloe

                  Genus:  Gibberella

                  Genus:  Hypomyces

                  Genus:  Neocosmospora


              Order:  Sphaeriales


                Family:  Chaetomiaceae


                  Genus:  Chaetomium


                Family:  Fimetariaceae


                  Genus:  Neurospora


                Family:  Ophiostomataceae


                  Genus:  Ceratocystis

                  Genus:  Ceratostomella

                  Genus:  Ustulina


                Family:  Gnomoniaceae


                Family:  Diaporthaceae

                  Genus:  Endothia


                Family:  Allantosphaeriaceae


                Family:  Xylariaceae


                  Genus:  Hypoxylon

                  Genus:  Daldinia

                  Genus:  Nummularia

                  Genus:  Xylaria


                Family:  Phyllachoraceae


                  Genus:  Phyllachora


              Order: Pseudosphaeriales


                  Genus:  Dibotryon

                  Genus:  Pleospora

                  Genus:  Pyrenophora

                  Genus:  Venturia


              Order:  Dothideales


                  Genus:  Cymadothea

                  Genus:  Dothidea

                  Genus:  Mycosphaerella


              Order:  Hemisphaeriales  


                  Genus:  Asterina


              Order:  Laboulbeniales


                  Genus:  Laboulbenia


              Order:  Hysteriales


                  Genus:  Glonium

                  Genus:  Hysterographium


Sub-Class:  Euascomycetes; Series: 



Sub-series:  Inoperculatae


              Order:  Helotiales


                 Family:  Hypodermataceae


                    Genus:  Cryptomyces

                    Genus:  Hypodermella

                    Genus:  Lophodermium

                    Genus:  Rhytisma


                 Family:  Mollisiaceae


                    Genus:  Diplocarpon

                    Genus:  Febraea

                    Genus:  Higginsia

                    Genus:  Mollisia


                 Family:  Helotiaceae


                    Genus: Chlorosplenium

                    Genus:  Stamnaria


                 Family:  Sclerotineaceae


                    Genus:  Monilinia

                    Genus:  Sclerotinia


                 Family:  Geoglossaceae


                    Genus:  Geoglossum

                    Genus:  Leotia

                    Genus:  Mitrula

                    Genus:  Spathularia


              Order:  Lecanorales


                  Genus:  Cladonia

                  Genus:  Graphis

                  Genus:  Gyrophora

                  Genus:  Letharia

                  Genus:  Parmelia

                  Genus:  Peltigera

                  Genus:  Physcia

                  Genus:  Umbilicaria

                  Genus:  Usnea

                  Genus:  Xanthoria


    Sub-Class:  Euascomycetes; Series: 


Discomycetes; Sub-series:  Operculatae


              Order:  Pezizales


                Family:  Pezizaceae


                    Genus:  Aleuria

                    Genus:  Ascobolus

                    Genus:  Bulgaria

                    Genus:  Paxina

                    Genus:  Peziza

                    Genus:  Plectania

                    Genus:  Pyronema

                    Genus:  Urnula


                Family:  Helvellaceae


                    Genus:  Gyromitra

                    Genus:  Helvella

                    Genus:  Morchella

                    Genus:  Verpa


              Order:  Tuberales


                    Genus:  Genea

                    Genus:  Pseudobalsamia

                    Genus:  Tuber


  Class:  Basidiomycota (Basidiomycetes,

                 Basidiomycotina) -- higher fungi


    Sub-Class:  Heterobasidiomycetes


              Order:  Uredinales (Rusts)


                Family:  Pucciniaceae


                    Genus:  Gymnosporangium

                    Genus:  Phragmidium

                    Genus:  Puccinia

                    Genus:  Uromyces


                Family:  Melampsoraceae


                    Genus:  Coleosporium

                    Genus:  Cronartium

                    Genus:  Melampsora


         Artificial Group:  Uredinales Imperfecti


                    Genus:  Aecidium

                    Genus:  Peridermium

                    Genus:  Uredo


              Order:  Ustilaginales (Smuts)


                Family:  Ustilaginaceae


                      Genus:  Schizonella

                      Genus:  Sorosporium

                      Genus:  Ustilago


                Family:  Tilletiaceae


                    Genus:  Doassansia

                    Genus:  Entyloma

                    Genus:  Tilletia

                    Genus:  Urocystis


              Order:  Auriculariales


                Family:  Auriculariaceae


                    Genus:  Auricularia

                    Genus:  Eocronartium

                    Genus:  Pilacre


                Family:  Septobasidiaceae


                    Genus:  Septobasidium

                    Genus:  Uredinella


                  Order:  Tremellales


                Family:  Tremellaceae


                    Genus:  Exidia

                    Genus:  Gyrocephalus

                    Genus:  Tremella

                    Genus:  Tremellodon


              Order:  Dacryomycetales


                Family:  Dacrymycetaceae


                    Genus:  Calocera

                    Genus:  Dacrymyces

                    Genus:  Guepinia


    Sub-Class:  Homobasidiomycetes


(Holobasidiomycetes; Autobasidiomycetes;



    SERIES:   Hymenomycetes


              Order:  Agaricales


                Family:  Exobasidiaceae

                      Genus:  Exobasidium

                      Genus:  Microstoma (?)


                Family:  Clavariaceae


                      Genus:  Clavaria


                Family:  Hydnaceae


                      Genus:  Hericium

                      Genus:  Hydnum

                      Genus:  Irpex


                Family:  Polyporaceae


                      Genus:  Daedales

                      Genus:  Favolus

                      Genus:  Fomes

                      Genus:  Merulius

                      Genus:  Polyporus


                Family:  Boletaceae


                      Genus:  Boletus

                      Genus:  Strobilomyces


                Family:  Agaricaceae


                      Genus:  Agaricus

                      Genus:  Amanita

                      Genus:  Armillaria

                      Genus:  Coprinus

                      Genus:  Pluteus

                      Genus:  Schizophyllum


    SERIES Gasteromycetes


              Order:  Hymenogastrales


                    Genus:  Hymenogaster

                    Genus:  Rhizopogon

                    Genus:  Secotium


              Order:  Hysterangiales


              Order:  Lycoperdales


                    Genus:  Bovista

                    Genus:  Calvatia

                    Genus:  Geaster

                    Genus:  Lycoperdon

                    Genus:  Tylostoma


              Order:  Sclerodermatales


                    Genus:  Pisolithus

                    Genus:  Scleroderma


              Order:  Phallales


                    Genus:  Clathrus

                    Genus:  Dictyophora

                    Genus:  Ithyphallus

                    Genus:  Mutinus

                    Genus:  Simblum


              Order:  Nidulariales


                    Genus:  Crucibulum

                    Genus:  Cyathus

                    Genus:  Sphaerobolus


  Artificial Class: Deuteromycota

      (Deuteromycetes or Fungi Imperfecti)


              Order:  Sphaeropsidales


                 Family:  Sphaeropsidaceae

                 Family:  Zythiaceae

                 Family:  Leptostromataceae

                 Family:  Excipulaceae


                    Genus:  Darluca

                    Genus:  Diplodia

                    Genus:  Phoma

                    Genus:  Phyllosticta

                    Genus:  Septoria

                    Genus:  Sphaeropsis


              Order:  Melanconiales


                 Family:  Melanconiaceae


                    Genus:  Colletotrichum

                    Genus:  Cylindrosporium

                    Genus:  Gloeosporium

                    Genus:  Marssonina


              Order:  Moniliales


                 Family:  Moniliaceae


                      Genus:  Aspergillus

                      Genus:  Cephalosporium

                      Genus:  Cephalothecium

                      Genus:  Microstroma (?)

                      Genus:  Monilia

                      Genus:  Oidium

                      Genus:  Penicillium

                      Genus:  Ramularia

                      Genus:  Trichoderma


                 Family:  Dematiaceae


                      Genus:  Alternaria

                      Genus:  Cercospora

                      Genus:  Hormodendrum

                      Genus:  Nigrospora


                 Family:  Tuberculariaceae


                      Genus:  Fusarium

                      Genus:  Tuberculina


                 Family:  Stilbaceae


                      Genus:  Graphium

                      Genus:  Isaria


                 Family:  Dermophyta  



                      Genus:  Epidermophyton

                      Genus:  Microsporon

                      Genus:  Trichophyton


                 Family:  Cryptococcaceae


                      Genus:  Candida

                      Genus:  Cryptococcus

                      Genus:  Mycoderma

                      Genus:  Pityrosporon


                 Family:  Rhodotorulaceae


                      Genus:  Rhodotorula


                 Family:  Sporobolomycetaceae


                      Genus:  Sporobolomyces


              Order:  Mycelia Sterilia


                      Genus:  Papulospora

                      Genus:  Rhizoctonia

                      Genus:  Sclerotium









1.  Modified from Backus 1960, University of Wisconsin, Madison.