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Fabritius, Klaus

Factitious hosts (culture)

Factors Affecting Research in Biological Control

Facultative Hyperparasitoids

Facultative Sex Regulation

Facultative Sex Regulation (history)

Fat cells (parasitoids)

Fatty Oils & Waxes

Federici, Brian A.

Feeding Tube

Fell, Barry


Fertilizer & Management

Fibers & Fiber Plants

Fideliidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Figites spp.

Figitidae (Parasitoids of Diptera)

Figitidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Fiji (Pictures)

Finney, Glenn L.


Fish  (Biocontrol of Medically Important Pests)

Fisher, Theodore W.


Fitch, Asa


Fitness (improving)

Fitness of Natural Enemies

Flanders, Stanley E.

Flatworms (Turbellarian)


Fleschner, Charles A.

Flies in Accumulated Wastes, Musca domestica L. Stomoxys spp., etc.

Flies in Field Dung, Musca & Haematobia spp.

Florida (Pictures)

Florida red scale (ideal biocontrol candidate)

Florida Red Scale, Chrysomphalus ficus

Flower Diseases (Antagonists)

Fluted Scales (Misc.), Icerya spp.

Fly Parasitoides (Keys)

Folk Music (Traditional)

Food of Parasitoids

Food Utilization by Natural Enemies

Foothill Agricultural Research Insectary

Forage (For Animals)

Forage Crops

Force of Natural Control

Force, Donald C.

Foreign Collaborators


Foreign Exploration (introduction)

Foreign Exploration (planning & preparation)

Foreign Exploration (purpose & need)

Forest Biological Control (detailed examples)

Forest Biological Control (Larch Casebearer)

Forest Biological Control (Lepidoptera)

Forest Biological Control Strategies

Forest Products:  Wood & Cork

Forest Resources

Forestry Biological Control (Coleoptera)

Forestry Biological Control (Hymenoptera)

Forestry Biological Control Organizations


Forests Biological Control (overview)

Forficula auricularia L.

Formalin (culture)

Formicidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Formicoidea <Overview>

Founder Principle

France (Pictures)

Franz, Jost M.

Franz Tamayo (Bolivia)

Frozen pupae (culture)

Fruit Diseases (Antagonists)

Fruit Flies (Biocontrol)

Fruit Flies (California)

Fruits of Temperate Regions

Fruits of Tropical & Subtropical Regions

Frustrated Host-feeding

Fuente Magna (Bolivia)

Functional Aspects of Arrhenotokous Reproduction

Fungi  (against medically important pests)

Fungi (biocontrol use)

Fungi (generalizations)

Fungi (major subdivisions)

Fungi (terrestrial)

Fungi Detailed Characteristics

Fungi Salient Biological Properties

Fungi:  Mycology, Study of Fungi

Future of Biological Control of Medically Important Pests

Future of Biological Weed Control

Future of Insect Pathology

Future of Integrated Control

Future Possibilities for Biological Control