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          The many thousands of ancient carved and ceramic artifacts recovered throughout the Americas during recent times, support the existence in Pre-Columbian America of much ethnic diversity among the indigenous population.  The main ethnic groups of modern times, African, European and Oriental, were represented along with several other types.  Then, after the European contacts of the 15th Century and the mass demise of a high percentage of indigenous peoples in America from introduced and endemic illnesses and deprivation, much of the diversity did not recover to its Pre-Columbian occurrence.  In many areas, there was a blending iwith characteristics of the colonizers.  However, 21st Century DNA studies have revealed a remarkable similarity of ancestry among Native Americans of both North and South America with the original migrants from Siberia who immigrated 15-20,000 years ago.


          The artifacts showing ethnic types in this section are but a few of the many that may be found in museums throughout the world.  Some dimensions are included along with an estimation of their age:


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                                                African                Asian                   European             Northern America



                                                                Maya                   Neanderthal                    Olmec 



                                                                                Western Mexico           Western South America



                                                                                       Race Formation           Siberian Immigration



                                          Historical Eras =    Pre-Classic     Classic     Post-Classic


The ancient originators of the art shown

 in this section are posthumously respectfully