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83.  Derived from:  Moore, I. & E. F. Legner.  1972.  A new alpine species of Unamis from California (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae).  The Coleopterists Bull.  26(1):  21-22.




          Unamis giuliagnii n.sp. is described from the edge of ice fields at 11,800 ft. elevation, near Finger lake, Inyo Co., California.  The species is illustrated and a key is provided to distinguish it from the four previously known species.


          The genus Unamis was erected for the single species truncata (Casey, 1893) from California.  Fall (1922) added a second California species.  Hatch (1957) described two more species from the Pacific Northwest and reviewed the genus.  Little is known of the habits of the species of Unamis.


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