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5.  Derived from:  Legner, E. F. & E. R. Oatman.  1962.  Suspected cases of Prunus virus transmission by aphids in Wisconsin.  Entomol. Soc. Amer. North Cent. Br. Proc. 17:  3 pp.




          Test results incriminate three species of aphids in suspected cases of Prunus virus transmission.  The extent of their implication in the etiology of sour cherry yellows is now known, however  The 1961 test plants are being indexed for viruses at the University of Wisconsin.  The possibility that eriophyid mites might have acted as vectors in the experiments seems improbable because transfers were made using aphid saturated terminal shoots.  The use of this transferring technique was the greatest difference from other workers' experiments where aphids were transferred singly and no transmission occurred.


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