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4.  Derived from:  Legner, E. F.  1962.  Some biotic control factors affecting the eye-spotted  bud moth, and red-banded and fruit-tree leaf rollers in Wisconsin.  Entomol. Soc. Amer. North  Cent. Br. Proc. 17: 115-117.




          Parasites were reared from collected larvae and pupae of the three species in 1959 and 1960.  Parasitism of 70-collected eye-spotted bud moth larvae in 1959 was zero, but 0.3 percent of 1032 larvae collected in 1960 showed parasitism.  Of 169 collected pupae in 1959, 2.9 percent were parasitized; while 8.8 percent of 442 collected pupae in 1960 showed parasitism.  Parasitism of the red-banded leaf roller was zero in 1959, but 16.7 percent of 33 first-generation larvae and pupae collected in 1960 were parasitized.  Parasitism of fruit-tree leaf roller pupae was 21.4 percent in 1959 (14 collected pupae) and 31.4 percent in 1960 (37 collected pupae).


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