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29.  Derived from:  Legner, E. F. & E. R. Oatman.  1965.  Limitation on the pupal development of the eye-spotted bud moth in northeastern Wisconsin.  J. Econ. Entomol. 58(2):  359-360.




          Pupae formed in the Insectary of reared S. ocellana larvae and which died before the conspicuous development of adult structures ranged in number from 21.3 to 27.7% in all sample blocks during the 3 years.  These figures compared with pupae collected from cardboard bands where in 1960, for example, 21.3% of 216 reared pupae died before full development of adult structures.  The cumulative total mortality of field-collected pupae sampled before first adult emergence in July of each year ranged from 62.0 to 67.1%.  Other data not wholly comparable tended to substantiate these results.


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