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135.  Derived from:  Moore, I. & E. F. Legner.  1975.  A catalogue of the Staphylinidae of America north of Mexico (Coleoptera).  Div. Agric. Sci., Univ. of Calif. Special Publ. 3015:  514 pp.


          The catalogue containing 514 pages is too large to place on the Internet.  The publication is available in University Libraries and limited copies are available for distribution as of 2014.






          Together with the Bibliography (1758 to 1972) to the Staphylinide of America North of Mexico (Coleoptera) I. Moore and E. F. Legner.  1974.  Hilgardia 42:  511-503 [See Publication #129.  ], these two publications are intended for joint usage as the references cited in the Catalogue are listed in detail in the Bibliography.  The value of these publications cannot be questioned, as the North American Staphylinidae have not been similarly treated since the Leng catalog (checklist) and its supplements were published.  To anyone other than a specialist to the family, the vast number of genera and species has presented an almost insurmountable obstacle to research.  These have removed to a large degree this obstacle with the Catalogue and the accompanying keys to genera.  The Bibliography includes all or nearly all of the references to the taxonomy and biology of the Staphylinidae of America, north of Mexico, through 1972.  Keys to the subfamilies and genera of the Staphylinidae are presented that, although unfortunately not illustrated, are the most complete and accurate of any available.  The Catalogue includes, in addition to the standard items to be expected in any comprehensive catalogue, references to existing keys to species and references that include illustrations.  These illustrations are listed in detail, giving page, plate and figure numbers of each.  An indication is also given as to whether the illustration is in toto or of the sexual characteristics of either male or female.  The type species of generic synonyms are not listed, although this information would have been useful.  These two publications comprise a timely, much needed contribution to the knowledge of north American Staphylinidae.



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