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128.  Derived from:  Eskafi, F. M. & E. F. Legner.  1974.  Descriptions of immature stages of the cynipid Hexacola sp. near websteri (Eucoilinae: Hymenoptera), a larval pupal parasite of Hippelates eye gnats (Diptera: Chloropidae).  Canad. Entomol. 106(10):  1043-1048.




          Hexacola sp. near websteri (Crawford), an imported larval-pupal parasite of Hippelates eye gnats was reared in the laboratory on this host and its immature stages were diagrammed.  The duration of each stage at 26 deg. C. was as follows:  egg = 2 days, first instar larva = 2 days, second instar larva = 3 days, third instar larva = 4 days, and pupa = 6-7 days.  The morphological characters are compared with those of related species and the feeding activity of the larva is described.


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