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122.  Derived from:  Yu, H.-S., E. F. Legner & R. D. Sjogren.  1974.  Mosquito control with European green hydra in irrigated pastures, river seepage and duck club ponds in Kern County.  Proc. Calif.  Mosq. Contr. Assoc., Inc. 42:  77-78.




          In the Aedes nigromaculis habitat a significant host popultion reduction appeared 24 hours after hydra were inoculated in pastures, with 57.8 percent actual destruction.  Host destruction gradually increased to 84.5 percent, the differences in density between inoculated plots and the control being significant at the 95% level.  The pasture mosquito population before treatment averaged 11.70 larvae/dip in the control and 11.75/dip in the treated areas.  Mosquito density in the controls peaked in mid summer, while areas that had been inoculated with hydra were significantly lower.  After drying and subsequent reflooding in late summer the Aedes population did not recover the high density observed earlier, but a significantly lower density was recorded in the hydra treated areas.


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