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                          STONE CARVINGS IN WESTERN INDIANA       

                                                  (List of Photos)


                                          Mike and Gerry Cloncs, Montgomery County, Indiana  (Contacts)



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Photos With Text              [Also see Photo Enlargements]

1a       Profile of a cameloid animal

3b       Stick-like writing and some imagery

7b2     A coyote protruding from the rock face

7b3     Left profile of a man with a hat

7b4     Several heads (lion, bear, human)

7b4-2  (Enhancement of 7b4)

7b5     Human head with animals (sheep, dogs)

8b       Ape-like animal gazing skyward

9b        Unidentified beast with open mouth & human figure on head

012a    Profile of human head with image of a feline on left cheek

12a      Carving of a goat’s head with open mouth

16a      Figures suggesting humans and animals dancing (L = 7.6 cm.)

28a      Human figure walking (5.7 X 3.2 cm.)

39a      Head of a fish-like animal with suggestion of young lion painted in yellow (see Lions)

39b      Profile of a bearded man & possible crocodilian

39c      Young black bear seated

39d     A man with a hat, probably seated

 44a    Composite of a woman (left) and man (right) & lionlike figures below

45b     Ape-like carving of a head

46a      Lateral view of dog-like animal

53a      Ape-like head

54a      Snapping turtle with snout pointing to possible human

76a      Athlete with right arm directed to rear

0325    Stick-like writing and some imagery

610a    Man with a hat with a person (woman?) to his right, in some activity

620a    Bird-like & animal-like images with glyphs

625a    Profile of a human head

0610a  Faces arranged in totem pole fashion

0610b  Right profiles of a man (left) & a horse (right)

0617a  Left profile of an apelike figure (top) & composite of a seated person staring to

            the right (bottom) & human face

0625a  Stocky ape-like figure standing

0628a  Human figure walking to the right

0807    Stick-like writing and glyphs

0811a  Apelike figure

0854    Stick-like writing and some imagery

1066    Inscriptions & unknown shapes

1066a  Dog or coyote peering from rock

1414a  Wolf with open mouth (top) & pecarry-like animal (bottom)

1423a  Composite of faces:  left – apelike, right - human

1423b  Group of young feline animals

1423c  Left profile of a man

1514a  A man with a slouch hat peering from the rock face

1850a  Inscription with suggested animal figures (L = 7.6 cm.)

1853a  Inscriptions suggesting animal, a human and unknown objects (view #1) (L = 7.6 cm.)

1860a  Inscriptions suggesting animal, a human and unknown objects (view #2) (L = 7.6 cm.)

2478    Stick-like writing and some imagery

2978a  Inscribed arrow pointing to etching of young bison-like animal (view #1) (Comparisons) (16.5 X 17 cm.)

2981a  Inscribed arrow pointing to etching of young bison-like animal (view #2) (Comparisons) (16.5 X 17 cm.)

2982a  Inscribed arrow pointing to etching of a bird with long thick beak (Comparisons) (16.5 X 17 cm.)

2983   Carving of a feline or squirrellike animal (16.5 X 17 cm.)

2984y  Human face peering from crevice

2986a  A basslike fish

2995a  A small dog emerging from the rock with two front paws

2996a   Bison calf above and wolf below

2999a   Inscribed arrow pointing to etching of a moose (16.5 X 17 cm.)

3000a   Head of a man with pointed hat

3002ya  A moose feeding in the reeds & accompanied by other animals (lion, peccary, etc.)

3005a   Etched figure of a moose lying down and facing to the right (16.5 X 17 cm.)

3005b  Faces of one human (right) & several animals

3006a  A man looking upwards

3007a   Inscribed arrow pointing to bearded man (Comparisons) (16.5 X 17 cm.)

3024    Unknown imagery

3026    Unknown imagery

3026a  A “early human” face peering out of a rock cleft

3034a   Hominid heads (one apelike)

3037b   Arrow inscribed on stone face

3051    Stick-like writing and animal shapes

3051a  Head of antelope-like animal

3051b  Human face

3051c  Composite of a hunter & a deer; hunter may be throwing spear or atlatyl

3512a  Right profile of a man

3513    Etched animal shape (antelope?)

3744a  Left profile of a man with a hat & possible right profile of a woman above

8691a  Standing human with a cape

8907a  Beast-like human figure in reclined position

8907b  Head of a horse with open mouth

8961a  Reclined human head with long nose

8961b  Left profile of a man

8962a  Right profile of human with headgear and gazing to the right

8962b  Catfish-like carving with open mouth

8962c  Left profile of a human

8969a  Carving of a seated human (right) with mouth pressed against an animal (lion?).Other

             animal carvings evident in the surrounding area.

8969b  Head of a young lion peering out of a cave

8987a  Profile of a horse

9056a  Human figure lying prone with left hand supporting head

9065a  Profile of a peccary

9065b  Group of humans (right) looking down at a horse (possibly dead)

9067a  Female American Lion with peccary and guanaco in its paws

9067b  Left profile of a man with a large hat

9112a  Composite image of a lamb with its body in shape of bear’s head

9112b  Right profile of a horse

9138a  A woman reclining with head tilted to the right

9147a  Right profile of a human (top) and apelike creature (below)

9153a  Head of a fish-like animal with headdress

9160a  Young bison calf (view #1)

9160b  Young bison calf (view #2)

9161a  Profile of a peccary

9166a  Unknown creature peering from the rock

9166b  Unfinished carving of a horse

9176a  Doll-like carving of a feline

9183a  Stick-like writing and glyph on stone

9231a  Primitive relief of human head with long nose and chin

9235a  Human head with prominent chin and nose

9235b  Human-like relief seated on object that could be a dead moose

9235c  Heads of three dog-like animals and one catfish-like

9235d  Two standing stylized images [similar to Burrows Cave, Illinois (see Photo)]

9236a  Face of a feline peering from crevice

9238a  Profile of human head with helmet

9239a  Stick-like writing on stone (Example #1)

9239b  Peccary-like figures

9239c Stick-like writing on stone (Example #2)

9243a  Human rider on horseback

9243b  Animal with sheep’s head and large ears

9243c  Human faces carved in the side of the rock

9252a  Left profile of a man

9259a  Beaver in feeding pose

9264   Head of female lion etched out of stone

9270a  Profile of a human head in back of reclined figure

9272a  Human-like head

9283a  Running goat

9283b  A man with a bearded face

9283c  A human-like figure walking

9284a  Small carving of a lion’s head

9284b  Left angled profile of a bearded man

9284c  Dual image of (1) right profile of a man  and (2) the face of a male lion

9284d  Face of a lion in front of head of a bison calf or moose

9285a  Standing bear (left) gazing down on ghostly figures of two smaller bears & a woman with a child (view #1)

9285b  A fish with a pebble in its mouth

9286a.  Face of an unknown creature with a dorsal horn peering out of crevice

9286b  Profile of Ape-like creature with open mouth

9287a  Standing bear (left) gazing down on ghostly figures of two smaller bears & a woman with a child (view #2)

9309a  Unfinished head carving of a horse or goat

9309b  Human face in Olmec style with open mouth (see Olmecs)

9309c  Right profile of a man (probably unfinished)

9311a  Human-like head carving with bashed-in nose

9311b  Seated human figure with a pointed hat

9311c  Several creatures (deer, dove, seal or otter, etc.)

9311d  Right profile of a man with a hat

9316a  A porcupine (feeding on pine cone?)

9318a  A horned jester-like creature

9318b  The heads of two men, the one below heavily bearded and sleeping

9318c  Head of a bison calf

9324a  Lion or human gazing down on unknown animal with some human features

9324b  Human or animal figure seated (very weathered)

9324c  American lion with closed eyes

9330a  Profiles of human and ape-like figure

9330b  Right outline of an elephantine

9343a  Human head surrounded by mystical creatures

9344a  Human head with long nose

9344b  Possible standing human figure with beast-like figures inserted

9348a  Human figure with headdress & running

9352a  Head of dog-like animal & other creatures

9352c  Human-like figures plastered on stone face

9358a  Human face with thick lips looking slightly upward; another human upper right

9359a  Face of a bobcat or lynx

9361a  Seated human figure with right arm holding object

9367a  Profile of a sheep’s head

9367b  Human figure sleeping

9376a  Head of a sheep

9378a  Helmeted head of a man  (similar to figure from Veracruz, Mexico Photo)

9379a  American Lion male gazing from behind a rock

9379b  Profile of a man with hat or helmet

9382a  Three human figures walking

9382b  American lion male lieing down

9382c  A basslike fish

9386a  Standing Icon in rock cleft with peering bear or lion in mid upper right

9386b  Bearlike animal peering to the right from from running position

9388a  Standing human figure gazing upward with outstretched right arm and various human faces

9388b  Possible beginnings of an elephantine animal carving

9389a  Stylized human figure seated

9389b  Large hippolike beast hovering over stylized fishlike form with legs below

9402a  Standing or seated human figure with bison calf to its upper left

9415a  Mouse-like animal running

9415b  Lateral view of female American Lion and male lion with inscriptions

9860a  Wolf or dog-like animal running

9863a  Mother holding child in arm (view #1)

9864a  Mother holding child in arm (view #2)

9865b  Three standing human-like figures

9867a  Seated nude human female in repose

9867b  Reclined & seated nude human female

9867c A crocodolian eyeing a small human female on the left

9871a  Reclining stocky human figure

9873a  Two human male profiles, one younger than the other accompanied by a small

             possum-like animal lower right

9873b  Small possum-like animal peering from the rock

9874a  American Lion male

9874b  American Lion (male) resting lower right with bear & human figure upper left

9875a  Bear hugging or kissing human figure

9890a  Reclining Olmec-like figure with navel showing (see Olmecs)

9892b  Mouse-like small animal

9894a  Woman surrounded by male figures with fertility symbols

9894b  The whole face and mane of a male American Lion

9895a  The whole face and mane of a male American Lion

9895b  A spider monkey?

9898a  Cameloid animals (guanacos?)

9900a  A goat-like animal

9932a  Human figures gazing up into the clouds that contain animal images

9935a  Figure of a man in the rock cleft

9940a  Animal figures with humanlike bodies apparently climbing a cliff

9967a  Human male figure below gazing up at ephemeral human figures

9968a  Reclined human figure with hat

9979a  Human hand & forearm with palm up & dragging

eltre4a  Hammer-like stone with inscriptions & figure (12 X 8.3 cm.)

9992a  A bovine head

9998a  Human head profiles

9998b  A group of reclined figures with human features

eltre4a  Hammer-like stone with inscriptions & figure (12 X 8.3 cm.)