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                                 MISCELLANEOUS SHAPES ON STONES

                        AT MONTGOMERY COUNTY, INDIANA SITE

                                    Mike and Gerry Cloncs, Montgomery County, Indiana   (Contacts)


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Dimensions variable:  3 x 2 cm to >15 x 18 cm             Site Description           Validity of Site      Related Websites


0625a  Stocky ape-like figure standing


16a   Figures suggesting humans and animals dancing (L = 7.6 cm.)



8907a  Beast-like human figure in reclined position



9176a  Doll-like carving of a cat



9235d  Two standing stylized images



9272a  Human-like head




9286b  Profile of Ape-like creature with open mouth



9311a  Human-like head carving with bashed-in nose



9318a  A horned jester-like creature



9324a  Human gazing down on unknown animal with some human features


9352c  Human-like figures plastered on stone face



9386a  Standing Icon in rock cleft



9875a  Bear hugging or kissing human-like figure



9967a  Human male figure with hat below gazing up at ephemeral human figures



9b  Unidentified beast with open mouth & human figure on head



9865b  Three standing human-like figures




eltre4a  Hammer-like stone with inscriptions & figure (12 X 8.3 cm.)




# 811 (Detail)





# 1066 (Detail)





# 1414 (Detail)





# 1423 (Detail)




# 1757 (Detail)





# 3034 (Detail)




# 3051 (Detail)





# 3512 (Detail)