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Mike and Gerry Cloncs, Madison County, Indiana(Contacts)



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Dimensions variable:3 x 2 cm to >15 x 18 cm†††††††††††† Site Description†††††† ††Validity of Site††††† †††† Related Websites


1aProfile of a cameloid animal





12a†† Carving of a goatís head with open mouth




2978aInscribed arrow pointing to etching of young bison-like animal (view #1)



2981aInscribed arrow pointing to etching of young bison-like animal (view #2) (Comparisons)



2982aInscribed arrow pointing to etching of a bird with long thick beak (Comparisons)



2999aInscribed arrow pointing to etching of a moose (Comparisons)



3005aEtched figure of a moose lying down and facing to the right (16.5 X 17 cm.)



39a††††† Head of a fish-like animal with suggestion of young lion painted in yellow



39c†† Young black bear seated




45b†† Ape-like carving of a head



46aLateral view of dog-like animal



53aApe-like head




54a††††† Snapping turtle with snout pointing to possible human



620a††† Bird- and animal-like images with glyphs



8962bCatfish-like carving with open mouth



8987aProfile of a horse




8bApe-like animal gazing skyward



9065aProfile of a peccary




9067aFemale American Lion with peccary and Camelops in its paws (see Lions)


9112aComposite image of a lamb with its body in shape of bearís head



9153aHead of a fish-like animal with headdress



9160aYoung bison calf (view #1)



9160bYoung bison calf (view #2)



9161aProfile of a peccary




9235cHeads of four dog-like animals



9236aFace of a feline peering from crevice



9239bPeccary-like figures



9243aHorse with human rider



9259aBeaver in feeding pose



9283aRunning goat



9309aUnfinished head carving of a horse or goat



9318cHead of a bison calf




9359aFace of a bobcat

or lynx



9367aProfile of a sheepís head



9376aHead of a sheep




9379aAmerican Lion male gazing from behind a rock (see Lions)



9415aMouse-like animal running




9415bLateral view of female American Lion with inscriptions (see Lions)



9860aWolf or dog-like animal running



9873aHuman male profiles with small possum-like animal lower right



9873bSmall possum-like animal



9874aAmerican Lion male (see Lions)



9874bAmerican Lion (male) resting lower right with bear & human figure upper left


9875aBear hugging or kissing human-like figure



9892bMouse-like small animal



9894bThe whole face and mane of a male American Lion (see Lions)



9895aThe whole face and mane of a male American Lion (see Lions)



9898aCameloid animals (Guanaco-like)



9900aA goat-like animal



9352aHead of a dog or wolf & other creatures


3513††Etched animal shape (antelope?)




3051††† Stick-like writing and animal shapes




9264†† Head of female lion etched out of stone (see Lions)


0625aStocky ape-like figure standing


9285aStanding bear (left) gazing down on ghostly figures of two smaller bears & a woman withchild.


2983††† Carving of a feline or squirrellike animal (16.5 X 17 cm.)




9940aAnimal figures with humanlike bodies apparently climbing a cliff



2996a†† Bison calf above and wolf below




8907bHead of a horse with open mouth




8969bHead of a lion peering out of a cave



9112bRight profile of a horse



9166aUnknown creature peering from the rock



9166bUnfinished carving of a horse



9243bAnimal with sheepís head and large ears



9284dFace of a lion in front of head of a bison calf or moose



9285bA fish with a pebble in its mouth



9284aSmall carving of a lionís head



9286a. Face of an unknown creature with a dorsal horn peering out of crevice



9311cSeveral creatures (deer, dove, seal or otter, etc.)



9324bHuman or animal figure seated (very weathered)



9324cAmerican lion with closed eyes



9330bRight outline of an elephantine



9382bAmerican lion male

lieing down




9382cA basslike fish



9386bBearlike animal peering to the right from from running position



9388bPossible beginnings of an elephantine animal carving




9389bLarge hippolike beast hovering over stylized fishlike form with legs below



9867cA crocodolian eyeing a small human female on the left



9992aA bovine head




7b2†† A coyote protruding from the rock face



0811a†† Small, apelike figure




1066aDog or coyote peering from rock



1414aWolf with open mouth (top) & pecarry-like animal (bottom)



1423b Group of young feline animals




3051aHead of antelope-like animal



0610bRight profiles of a man (left) & a horse (right)



7b4Several heads (lion, bear, human)



7b5Human head with animals (sheep, dogs)



ston2986aA basslike fish




ston3002yaMoose feeding in the reeds & accompanied by other animals (lion, peccary, etc.)




ston2995aA small dog emerging from the rock with two front paws



9316aA porcupine (feeding on pine cone?)



9895bA spider monkey?