Tiger Swallowtail,  Papilio glaucus  <LEP3>


     Common in every eastern city, this big bright swallowtail prefers phlox and thistle for nectar.  A similar species lives throughout the western United States.  Both are lemon-yellow with black tiger-stripes.  The underside, as shown in the drawing, has a field of blue patches along the outer part.  Orange spots run along the outer edge of the hindwing.  Here it is on garden phlox.Painted Crescent (LEP98) Phyciodes picta


     This crescent is shown visiting alfalfa for nectar.  The hindwing is pale, clear yellow with a dark mark by the crescent.  The forewing is orange painted with black and white patches and a yellow tip.  These bright crescents fly along ditches and roadsides, laying their eggs on asters.