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Ancient Migratory Routes and Paleography


Robert D. Morritt




From the earliest trace of known civilization, this book traces the evolution of mankind from the high inland plains of eastern Africa over two million years ago when Africa was a well-watered prairie. We view the advent of early hunters, farmers and herdsmen and cave dwellers and their early lithic inscriptions evident on rock paintings. Their climate changed over four thousand years as rivers dwindled, replaced by scrub and sand. Also covered herein is a look at migratory routes of early peoples. Archaic writing. We consider the impact of traces of Semitic and Sumerian cultural contact with the Americas and of other evidence discovered in North, Central and South America from evidence uncovered of Old World artifacts. The book also examines the origins of the Ogam (Ogham) language and Linear 'A', and the evolution of writing. It is hoped this map afford the reader a better comprehension of early societies in the light of recent discoveries.