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Evolution of Languages

The emergence of languages from the dawn of time


Robert D. Morritt




The evolution of languages has been a natural progression over the ages. What is interesting has been the lack of information from the earliest period when humans evolved from the upper Paleolithic and Mesolithic ages and began to speak not in gestures or grunts but to actually use the first speech. In academia it has not been popular to delve back to the earliest origins of speech as they betray a noble hope they began in the Aegean or in lofty areas of anticipation, rather it appears language emanated out of central Africa from recent postulations and migrated north and east via Sumeria and into archaic Egypt and beyond. New evidence has shown Ogam language that had graduated into Iberia and northwards, has been found on ancient monuments (Also Dolmens and petroglyphs in North America.) This book traces not only the inception of language but other languages as they developed from the mists of time into the archaic area. This book is dedicated to the late Edo Nyland and his work and his enthusiasm.