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Stone Circles and Megaliths in the Old World

Ancient European Migrations to North America


Robert D. Morritt




        Within these pages we journey back to the late Neolithic and early Bronze Age in the British Isles and Europe with recent discoveries of early pre-Columbian migrants in the United States of America and Canada. Emphasis is placed on the British and European prehistoric sites and the mystery of Stone Circles in England and Scotland. Also of the building of Megaliths especially of Stonehenge. Sites that appear to be both seasonal and/or astronomical calendars also places of worship. Flint Mining and the early Axe industry assist us to become familiar with their environment and the tools they manufactured. Also a look at intriguing ancient Norse Dolmen (Cromlechs) in Maine and Massachusetts and old Nordic script discovered in Maine and in Ontario, Canada, evident of ancient pre-Columbian and pre-Viking visitors to the Americas