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An Analysis of AnCient



Jacob Bryant & Robert D. Morritt




          “An Analysis of Ancient (sic) Mythology” describes the work of Jacob Bryant (1715 – 1804) an eminent scholar and mythographer. This work is regarded as one of the most in-depth Classical works on mythology of Ancient Greece and contemporary regions, in the ancient world.


          His work he called ‘the new system’ attempted to link the mythologies of the world to the stories recorded in Genesis. Bryant argued that the descendents of Ham had been the most energetic, but also the most rebellious peoples of the world and had given rise to the great ancient and classical civilisations. He called these people "Amonians", because he believed that the Egyptian god Amon was a deified form of Ham. He argued that Ham had been identified with the sun, and that much of pagan European religion derived from Amonian sun worship.


          Of this work he stated, “Through the whole process of my inquiries, it has been my endeavor, from some plain and determinate principles, to open the way to many interesting truths. And as I have shown the certainty of an universal Deluge from the evidences of most nations, to which we can gain access, I come now to give an history of the persons who survived that event; and of the families, which were immediately descended from them.


          His in-depth research gave us much obscure information of the ancient peoples which he relates in the classical manner, These observations give us an incredible look at early deities, the Gods and early histories of archaic societies such as, Chaldea, Egypt; Hellas, and Ionia and of other dynasties also their relationships, with an in-depth treatise an the  mythology of the ancient world.