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Wales and the Welsh People

A History of Wales from the Earliest Times

(Paperback - 17 Dec 2010)


Robert D. Morritt




          This  book  covers  a period from the earliest human remains  of the ‘Lower Paleolithic’ period (230,000 years ago,and of inhabitation by Mesolithic hunters after the last Ice Age in Wales (c. 8000 BCE).


          Migration to Britain (evidenced by  Lepontic inscriptions of the  6th century BCE  and from modern genetic research.indicating the  origins of immigrantsfrom such areas as Celtiberians from the  Iberian peninsula .Also included are descriptions of  Megalithic tombs,  and  the  advent of metal tools  from the early to the late Bronze Age of c.1400-750BCE).


          The "Insular Celtic hypothesis" is considered, the  theory that  Brythonic and Goidelic languages evolved together in those islands, having a common ancestor. A theory that that lumps the Brythonic languages and Gaulish (P-Celtic) on one side and the Goidelic languages with Celtiberian (Q-Celtic)


          The book further mentions  early tribes such as the The Deceangli   Celtic tribes living in Wales , prior to the Roman invasion of the island.


          Early battles by the Welsh against the English (and vice-versa) together with a history of earlyt revolts ( Maidog ap Llewelyn ,1295 AD) also several early Welsh-English battles (Maes Moydog etc. The  uprising of  Owain Glyndŵr reputedly crowned ‘Prince of Wales’, The book describes the economic  growth of Wales since the Industrial Revolution and its Coal industry which was at its height in the nineteenth and early twentieth century.


          An overview is included of the Welsh language before it becomes extinct, to give an in-depth view of the language with, grammer and linguistic examples, also for those who desire to learn a ‘new language’..