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More Bronze Age school lessons from Sweden.


          Above left, a man holds a shield, which is drawn to form the Tifinag letter "B," so that the inscription reads from right to left:  B-K-L-A = Old Norse bukla = "shield" or "buckler." 


          On the right a bull is led to a cow; the bull's head forms the letter "B", to yield B-L = Old Norse beli = "a bull.” The cow is labeled GH-W, apparently for Old Norse ku, the dative case of kyr = "a cow."  The text might be translated to mean "A bull for a cow" or A bull is led to a cow."


          Lower left, the sun god Sol holds the consonants that spell his name S-L; the letters can also be read from right to left, to yield L-S, Old Norse lysa, giving a palindrome that becomes Sol lysa = "The sun shines."   The first two petroglyphs are from Bohuslän, the third from Östfold (Fell 1982).