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          The moon-goddess figure lies to the right of the main sun-god figure at Peterborough, Ontario. To the right of the moon goddess are the letters TH-A-GN-L (Old Norse tungl, moon).  Below, center, M-L D-GN-TH-L (Old Norse mal dagnatal, measures the tally of days).  Further to the right appears M-N-N L-N M-N-D A-Y R-GN-D (Old Norse maninn luna, manadha ei reiknadha, The moon, or luna, the months forever being counted).  The disk of the moon goddess carries, on the right side, the Norse ogam letters M-N (man, moon), and on the left side Norse Tifnag letters T-N-GN-L (Old Norse tungl, moon) (Fell 1982).