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The pictures depict school lessons from ancient Scandinavia.


††††††††† Above, Bronze Age Bohuslšn.A bull and two men form a team to drag some heavy object.The Tifinag letters S-M-T-K are the consonants of the Old Norse word samtak meaning "united effort."


††††† †††Below, a detail of a Bronze Age composition at Finntorp, Bohuslšn, depicting two fishermen and their boat.The Tifinag letters may be read as matching the Old Norse I loegfaki vid vatn = "Fishermen on the water."The Tifinag letter "w" some-times represents Old Norse"v, " and sometimes Old Norse "f."The phonetic rendering yielded by reading the Tifinag letters often seems closer to Anglo-Saxon, where the sound "w" replaced the "v" of Norse, and modern dialects of Jutland in west Denmark also retain the "w" sound (Fell 1982).

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