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          Second section of the ancient Nordic zodiac inscribed by Woden-lithi at his Peterborough observatory.  Only the Lion (L-N, Old Norse leon) is identified in Tifinag script.  From the upper right Leo (apparently a lynx), and beneath to its left the virgin, Virgo.  Then follow the zodiacal signs for winter, identified as W-N-T (Old Norse vintr), which are Scorpio to the lower left of Virgo, Sagittarius, the archer, and Capricornus, the sea-goat, both to the lower right; and upper left Aquarius, the water-carrier, and Pisces, the fishes.  The sign for Libra (scales) does not appear in any zodiac before ca. 300 BC, when it was formed from the claws of the scorpion.  The archer, in all the oldest zodiacs, appears as a centaur carrying a bow, as is apparently the intention in the Peterborough zodiac.  The signs are not arranged in definite accordance with their sequence, probably because the only part of the zodiac of concern in calendar regulation at that prehistoric time was the equinoctial point between Aries and Taurus (Fell 1982).