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          The text now ascends the rock face, and the king relates how he spent those five months "dealing profitably with the foreigners, exchanging his trade goods for copper ingots. “The "foreigners" were the resident Algonquians, whose friendly welcome Woden-lithi recorded earlier.


          Two hieroglyphs appear in this section, and both are still used by the Algonquians:  a square sign denotes trade goods, and a meandering sign means "expedition."  However, Woden-lithi contrived to spell out the word, while still forming a rebus-winding trail from its components.  Fell (1982) decided that the text reads:


           Hagna (Profitably) del (he dealt) [trade goods] wal (with the foreigners) kopar (for copper) erandi (the object of the expedition


          The modern English word "errand" is a cognate with erandi.