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           The text until now was descending vertically down the rock face.  After taking the clockwise move in the previous section, it now ascends the rock face immediately to the left of the preceding sections.


           Here the king specifies the actual months he was present in Canada, by naming the signs of the zodiac occupied by the sun.  he came when the sun was in Gemini (in 1700 BC, this would be April-May, for the vernal equinox lay between Taurus and Aries).  He departed for his home in Norway when the sun was in Scorpio, meaning August-September, for the intervening sign of Libra was not inserted into the zodiac until about 300 BC The sign for Scorpio is partly eroded here, but reference to the complete zodiac, as given in Woden-lithi's astronomical text, shows what form he gave it.


          The significance of this section is to specify the months mentioned in the previous section.  It reads:  From April-May until August-September.