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          The king, Woden-lithi, now tells us how long he stayed in America.  The next part of the text specifies the actual months. Two hieroglyphs occur in this section, one the five fingers, is merely the numeral 5.  The other, an arm and hand, represents the word mund (Old Norse, a hand), which in turn is an isophone (punning word sounding the same as another word) for manad (Old Norse, month).  In this section the word for "king" (Old Norse konungr) that was given hieroglyphically at the very start ofthe inscription, is here spelled out in Tifnag letters.  The text here reads in a clockwise direction from 1 to 5:


           (R-N Old Norse eyna) As a trial the king (N-N-GN-O-R) lay at anchor (L-GN, Old Norse lagna) for five (Old Norse fim) months (M-N-D).


          This section of the inscription occurs just underneath  <bron67> (Fell 1982).