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  Place of Assembly for the Priests


          An ancient public notice engraved in 12-in Tifinag letters at the northeastern extremity of the Peterborough, Ontario site, probably the original point of entry.  The letters are consonants only, yet their concatenation is an astonishing repetition of the technical legal terms known to have been used in Iceland in Viking times, ca. 2,000 years after King Woden-lithi.  In Iceland, also, in pagan times there was an annual assembly of the priests.  it was called Samthingis-Godhar.  In Woden-lithi's dialect the ancient Nordic speech there was more aspiration: g was gh, and ng was gn.  d was apparently always pronounced as dh = the sound of "th" in the English word "this."


          Both in ancient Iceland and Scandinavia, there was an annual meeting of the pagan priestsat which the laws were declaimed by a law-speaker.  The place at which this ceremony was held was called the Lög-Berg, or Hill of the Law.  At Peterborough in America, the site selected was a flat rock platform.  The ancient Norse word hella means a flat rock.  Therefore, evidently the ancient name of the Peterborough site was Lögh-Hella, which could be pronounced in Englishtoday roughly as if it were spelled "Lurg-hella."


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