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       Three versions of a favorite Bronze Age riddle, involving a man, his pregnant wife, and a wedding ring.  The top pictographis carved into rock at Namforsen, Sweden.  The middle example is from Engelstrup, Denmark, while the lower one is from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada (Fell 1982).


       Here again the similarities exist.  At the Swedish site, the engraver has added a second ship with a man and pregnant woman beside it.  Over their heads he has placed a ring-shaped design.


       At the Danish site, the engraver has added a second ship to his boulder.  beside it he placed two figures, a man and a woman,

and between them a very conspicuous ring-shaped object.


       The Peterborough artist walks across the site to a point that lies ca 12 ft. SW of the central sun figure, where other engravers have begun to lay out the figures of a zodiac.  He cuts a 4-oared ship. Beside it he engraves a man by the bow and a very pregnant worm next to the stern.  Above them he engraves a large ring-shaped motif.