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          The two faces of Mabo the Melodious.  In this second aspect, from Heizer & Baumhoff's site #Cl-4, Cane Springs, Clark County, Nevada, his Gaulish (and usual American) name Mabo forms his face, and his ogam hair spells the word C-T (Gaelic cetan), the name of his festival on May Day.  He wears the antlers of a deer god.  On his right arm appear ogam letters spelling cetan.  In his left hand he carriesa palm frond whose ogamic leaflets spell his title B-N-N-H (Galic binn), the Melodious.  His right hand holds the disk of the returning sun, after winter (Fell 1982).


[Wahingtonia felifera oases may have existed in Nevada during this period,

or the “palm” frond is perhaps a maguey or yucca].  [Also see Petroglyph list]