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†††††††† At Fossum, Bohuslšn, Sweden, there is a

large inscription that depicts scenes from the great

winter festival called Thorri, held in the 4th month

of the Norse 6-month winter.These are some of the



†††††††† Top, the symbol of Thorri formed from the

Tifinag letters th, r and n, repeated and arranged to

make a thunderbolt design.Old Norse Thorinn =

"The Thorri festival."


†††††††† Middle, ceremonies open at dawn when trumpet-

blowers summon the people.The Tifinag letters are

interwoven with the picture, and the word gamga is

represented by a punning hieroglyph of footprints, also

pronounced as ganga.The text reads R-R GANGA

L-D-R M-N, to be read as Old Norse Arar ganga

ludramenn = "Early morning the sound oftrumpet-



†††††††† Below, a scene from the hockey or ball game, K-L

= Old Norse kula = "ball game."(Fell 1982).