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          Cultural contacts between Norse & Ancient Irish peoples recurred many times in North America.  In this inscription from Woden-lithi's Peterborough, Ontario site we appear to have the earliest known example. Mabo is identified in ogam as an Ancient Irish divine youth (using one Tifnag letter, gh), and his attributes, the phallus and the turtle-shell lyre, appear.  There is also the Nordic equivalent symbol of music, the great curved lur trumpet of Bronze Age times, still used in the Viking era 2,000 years later.  This evidence of cross-cultural influences in the Bronze Age is located about 30 ft. north of the main sun-god figure.


          The inscription reads:  M-B M-GH L-R L-D-R = Old Norse Mabo maegi,lir, ludhr  = "Mabo of the youth, lyre, and lur"  A small lizard like figure, probably an Algonquian addition, was omitted from the diagram (Fell 1982).