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          This inscription at Peterborough, Ontario depicts the Thunderer.  It reads from right to left: Nema Thuunor Molnnir = "Thunor grasps his hammer Mjolnir." 


          The engraver of this Petroglyph reduplicated letters in the manner of the Pictish engravers of ogam in Scotland.  The area depicted lies ca. 18 ft. northeast-by-east of the main sun-god figure.  Thor, the Scandinavian equivalent of Anglo-Saxon and German Thunor, is shown wearing a conical helmet in some Norse art.  An example of this is the bronze figure now in the Reykjavik Museum, Iceland.  The short handle of the hammer is also typical of Norse versions, and is the subject of a special explanatory myth according to which Loki accidentally broke off a part of the original handle (Fell 1982).