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††††††††† A fishing charm or prayer from Bohuslšn, Sweden in which the Tifinag letters are arranged to form a rebus depicting a fishing line.


††††††††† One solution may be obtained by reading the letters upward in the sequence shown, to yield L-K H-W-I H-W-I, which may be interpreted as Lak(s) hafim havim = "May we haul salmon from the sea."Another solution is obtained by reading the letters in the opposite direction (downward), to yield "May our keeled vessel haul [fish] from the sea."There is another similar rebus at Bohuslšn, and is shown in the lower right.It may read as lak(s) taka haki = "May salmon take the hook." (Fell 1982).


††††††††† The vessel is called the Serpent and a serpent is shown between the letters that spell the word.


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